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This informational page is designed to emphasize areas which require the most attention and cooperation between the tenant and property managment in the operation of the shopping center.  It is not intended to eliminate or change the provisions of your lease.  These guidelines are not intended to be all-inclusive, and may be expanded, altered, or revised periodically.


Please review this information with your personnel to ensure their familiarity and cooperation with these guidelines.  StoneCrest Investments looks forward to a long and rewarding relationship during the term of your lease.


StoneCrest Investments is very proud of the rapport we enjoy with our tenants and it is our goal to maintain an open line of communication with you at all times.  We want to stress the importance of your informing us of any problems you may have during the term of your lease.  Retail Property Management may be reached for service requests at (512) 681-1000 between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday through Friday.


Should you need to contact someone with our company at night or on the weekend, please call our emergency line at (512) 221-3250. Please keep in mind this line is for non-medical emergencies.  If you have a medical emergency, please call 911.


Please do not hesitate to contact our property managers, Suzanne Sossamon via or Blake Herman via, regarding any matter of concern or request for service.




At the time of your move in, StoneCrest will furnish you with two (2) main keys and two (2) mailbox keys at no charge. If any additional keys, cores, lock-sets, or deadbolts are required, please contact our office (these materials are made available for a nominal fee).


To enhance security within the shopping center, all lock work is placed under our locking sytem, thereby making key duplications impossible at a key shop.  All keys are to be surrendered upon termination of the tenant's lease.


Tenants are responsible for the cost and installation of all approved signage, both inside and outside the leased premises. Tenants must thereafter maintain all approved signage throughout the term of the lease. Upon lease expiration, all signage must be removed and the walls and/or windows returned to their prior condition at the tenant's expense.


Tenants shall not, without prior written consent, make any changes to the storefront. Under NO circumstances is there to be erection of any signs, banners, decorations, or advertising media of any type, either mobile or stationary, which can be viewed from the exterior of the leased premises WITHOUT THE LANDLORD'S APPROVAL.


Hand-drawn signs not of professional caliber are prohibited from display in storefront windows.  StoneCrest reserves sole discretion for approval as to the construction, method of attachment, size, shape, height, lighting, color, and general appearance of signage.  All signs shall be kept in good condition and in proper operating order at all times.  If a banner is approved, StoneCrest will handle the installation to remove the liability of damage to building from the tenant.


If you have illuminated signage, than each sign shall be illuminated from dusk until 12:00am each evening to provide uniform appearance for the shopping center.  This also serves as an inexpensive means of advertising for your store.  Any tenant needing assistance in adjusting their time clock for the tenant signage should contact our office for help.


In the event that a tenant advertising sign has been placed at your shopping center by StoneCrest, use of the sign is available to all tenants by reserving dates with our Retail Property Management department. Duration of tenant signage is based on current demand and can range from two (2) to four (4) weeks.  The landlord can pay up to 50% of the total cost for signage usually amounting to a nominal charge to the tenant.  These signs are reusable and are stored by StoneCrest for future advertising use.


Prior to removal from the stores, each tenant is responsible for the storage of trash, refuse, and garbage.  All trash must be secured in trash bags with ties (restaurants are required to double bag all food waste and tie bags).  All boxes are to be broken down to avoid wasted space and unnecessary trash pickups by the waste removal service which result in higher CAM fees.  Tenants should ensure that all refuse is inside the dumpster and not placed on top of or around it to aid in lowering cleaning expenses.  Please report any problems pertaining to waste removal to our office.


Tenants are not to dispose of the following items in sinks or commodes.  The blockage caused by these items could cause a shutdown of the plumbing system not only in your tenant space but also in your neighbors' spaces:


          - Paper Towels, Sanitary Napkins, or Tampons

          - Plastic Products or Plastic Bags

          - Straws, Boxes, or Cups

          - Coffee Grounds or Tea Bags

          - Cooking Fats or Oils

          - Duplicating Toner or Powder

          - Petroleum Products of any type (Gasoline, Kerosene, Lubricating Oils)

          - Paint Products or Paint Thinner


The common areas are part of the shopping center designated for the common use of all tenants and customers. StoneCrest's Property Management department provides custodial personnel and/or vendors to assist in the maintenance of all common areas.  However, we ask that each tenant do their part by properly disposing of any litter that they have created outside of their space.  No merchandise of any kind is to be placed, exhibited, or displayed outside any tenant's premises except with the written permission of StoneCrest.


Additionally, no vending machines or stands of any kind are to be placed in or on any common area of the center. Sidewalk sales must have prior written approval from StoneCrest before any such event can take place.  Solicitation and hand billing of cars in the parking lot are expressly prohibited and any violations should be reported to our office.


Use of the common area is at the sole discretion and option of StoneCrest, including use of areas by civic or community organizations.  Your cooperation in this regard will ensure good relations with your neighboring tenants, the owners, and the management.


Any movement in or out of the building consisting of furniture, supplies, or inventory by tenants shall restricted to the rear entry of the space.  All such movement shall be carried out in the manner agreed between the tenant and StoneCrest.  The tenant assumes all risk and claims of damage to persons and property arising in connection with any said movement.


No parking or storing of tractor-trailers or other vehicles will be permitted on the property without prior approval of management.  Tractor-trailers, which must be unhooked, must use steel plates under dolly wheels to prevent damage to the asphalt-paving surface.  In addition, wheel blocking must be used and any damage to the parking lot will be paid for by that tenant responsible.


Because convenience for the retail consumer is of primary concern, it is important to reserve as many spaces for customers as close to tenant entrances as possible.  For this reason, front end parking by any tenant or their employees is expressly prohibited.  To ensure this customer convenience, tenant personnel are required to park their cars where property management designates and all employee parking should be away from the building.


Vehicles are not to be parked in service areas or drives except for purposes of temporary loading or unloading.  Handicapped spaces are reserved solely for use by handicapped persons.  StoneCrest reserves the right to have cars towed that do not conform to these rules.  All responsibility for damage to vehicles or persons is assumed by the owner of the vehicle or its driver.


All national, state, and local sanitation and safety codes and regulations must be observed by all tenants without exception.  Tenants are requested to inform their personnel to be aware of fire prevention and other safety procedures as listed below:


          - Dispose of all obsolete or unused flammable material fixtures and displays.

          - Keep all storage away from electrical transformers and water heaters.

          - Keep exits clean and unobstructed at all times.

          - Maintain a minimum 18" clearance below all sprinkler heads at all times.  Any physical contact with sprinkler

          - heads may cause the fire sprinkler system to engage possibly causing extensive damage to the leased

          - premises and inventory.

          - Keep all flammable cleaning materials, waxes, etc. in a closed metal container at all times.

          - DO NOT overload electrical circuits with extension cords and/or other nonstandard electrical work.

          - Check for frayed fixture wiring and check for proper grounding.

          - Keep emergency exit lights within the premises lit per building codes.

          - Alert personnel to immediately report any situation that could cause a fire or accident.


StoneCrest suggests that tenants be aware of potential security problems and consider the installation of a security system or device to deter vandalism and/or theft.  The installation of all security systems must be coordinated through our Property Management department.  The installation of exterior alarm horns below the soffit is expressly prohibited (horns must be recessed within the soffit and covered by a screen).


*A list of emergency phone numbers should be posted in the tenant's premises for employee use.


All requests for alterations or additions to your leased premises must be handled through Property Management. Building rules stipulate that tenants are not to initiate or undertake any alteration to their space without prior written approval by the Landlord.


Generally speaking, satellite dishes are not allowed.  If you should require the use of a satellite dish, please contact your property manager for the rules and regulations regarding the installation of this equipment.  The design and installation of such equipment requries the prior approval of StoneCrest in order to maintain the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of the building.


All restaurants using a grease trap must have it serviced on a regular basis (StoneCrest recommends monthly maintenance).  Any blockage in the main sewer line caused by a failure to maintain a grease trap will result in financial responsibility for flushing out the main line being incurred by that tenant.

Common Areas


As a tenant, you must fulfill certain financial obligations on a regular basis.  All rental payments are due and payable on the first day of each month. Rental payments are considered deliquent after the 10th of the month and a late charge will be automatically assessed to your account after that date.


Your monthly remittance normally includes monies for the following lease obligations:


          - Monthly Rent

          - Insurance

          - Common Area Maintenance

          - Real Estate Taxes


If you should have any questions or need to change your billing address, please notify StoneCrest as soon as possible at (512) 681-1000.

On behalf of the shopping centers, StoneCrest Investments provides administrative and maintenance personnel to maintain the center as efficiently as possible while also meeting the high standards required for a first-class facility. StoneCrest maintains the common areas (including landscaping, sidewalks, and parking areas), as well as the structural aspects of the building (including the foundation, exterior walls, and roof).


Tenants are responsible for maintaining the plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning, janitorial duties, and glass replacement unless otherwise stated in your lease.  Please refer to your lease agreement for a complete listing of all responsibilities.  The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system within the leased space is maintained by the tenant using the unit.  Such maintenance shall include repair and replacement costs (parts and labor) of all portions of the unit.  It is the tenant's obligation to maintain a regular service contract, consisting of periodic inspections and filter changes, with a qualified HVAC contractor.  Special attention should be given to the HVAC system before the summer season and in early winter.  This is not to say that these should be the only inspections, but seasonal changes require different functions of the unit.  The contractor should also regularly check the overflow pipe for stoppage, as this generally causes ceiling leaks within tenant spaces.  If the overflow pipe becomes clogged, the overflow or drip pans can spill over causing damage to ceiling tiles and merchandise.


Please remember that the general warranty for a newly finished space expires one (1) year after the commencment of the lease.  After this time, the tenant is responsible for all repairs.

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